Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kitty Princess Brooch


Last week, I had a special customer. She initially wanted to order the kitty brooch, but thinks that it was a little too big for her scarf. So, I decided to designed this little cutie for her. I call it Kitty Princess because I decorated the kitty's head with shiny flowers and hotfixes which looks like a crown. Anyway, I just sent the brooch to my customer. I hope she'll like it as much as I do ;-)

Product Information:

  • Princess Kitty Brooch (BR-04-Princess Kitty). Made out of quality Taiwanese felt, carefully hand-sewn into utter kawaii-ness.
  • Length\Width: Approx. 3 x 3cm
  • Price: RM 6.90 now at RM 5.90 (limited time only!)
  • Stock: Please order one week before hand
  • As these are handmade, no two kitty are identical
Please send me an e-mail (kawaiiyo.jp@gmail.com) if you're interested to buy. Please also specify your preferences based on the below:

Code: BR-04 Kitty Princess

You may refer to the instructions on the right (under "Want to Buy?") for the payment/shipping details! TQ!

Brooch is around 3 x 3 cm in length and width...


The pin is hand stitched on to the back...