Sunday, August 9, 2009

Donuts Anyone?


Donuts are really dainty little snacks. They are so pretty when decorated with cream, chocolate, jelly, sprinkles and all sorts. It's truly a kawaii food. So this week, I've made some pretty donut phone charms for you. I've even added a new service, whereby you can request for a favourite letter of the alphabet (e.g. the first initial of your name) and I will sew this onto the little donut for you. Hope you like it!

Product Information:

  • Hand Phone Charm (HP-12-Cute Donut). Made out of quality Taiwanese felt, carefully hand-sewn into utter kawaii-ness.
  • Length: Approx. 9cm (from the tip of the phone strap)
  • Price: RM 6.90 now at RM 5.50 or RM 5.00-without alphabet (ONLY for limited time)
  • Stock: 1 of each pattern in stock (Remakes/Custom Orders Are Welcomed - Please place order 1 Week in advance)
  • As these are handmade, no two donuts are identical. There may also be variations in the colour of the phone strap
Please send me an e-mail ( if you're interested to buy. Please also specify your preferences based on the below:

Code: HP-12 Cute Donut
Colour: Pattern A, B or C (SOLD OUT)
Include Alpabhet: YES or NO? (Please specify)
YES - Specify 1 Alphabet of your choice (A to Z).
NO - Leave out the Alphabet and save RM 0.50 (refer pattern C below).

You may refer to the instructions on the right (under "Want to Buy?") for the payment/shipping details! TQ!



This donut phone charm is really well made. I've also added a shiny flower at the back to add more cuteness to it.


Measurements are approx. 9cm from the tip of the phone strap.


Doesn't it look adorable on my mobile ^_^? It will look like this on your mobile phone too. Besides this, you can also attach it to your bag, pencil case, camera or any accessory you can think of.



  1. wow..OMG...ur handmade stuffs is so cute n adorable. ;-)