Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kawaii Onigiri (Japanese Rice Ball) Brooches


Onigiri or rice ball is a type of Japanese food. I'm sure you've seen people eat it before in Japanese cartoons or dramas, usually as packed lunch or picnics. Onigiri is basically made of plain rice, shaped into a roundish triangular ball, and then wrapped with a piece of seaweed. There are many varieties of onigiri today, from traditional to modern/fusion type. So, I used this as an idea to create these cute brooches for you.

Product Information:

  • Onigiri brooch (BR-03-Onigiri). Please specify colour of choice.
  • Made out of quality Taiwanese felt, carefully hand-sewn into utter kawaii-ness.
  • As these are handmade, no two onigiri are identical.
Code: BR-03 Onigiri Brooch
Colour: White/Pink/Yellow/Orange (Please specify)
Approx. Measurements: 5 cm in Length
Price: RM 6.90 RM 5.90 (ONLY for limited period of time)
In Stock: 1 unit of each colour (Available)

Please contact me if you're interested to buy, refer to the instructions on the right (under "Want to Buy?") on how to do so. TQ!

WHITE: This little onigiri is the traditional type. Plain rice ball with a seaweed on top of it's head.


PINK - This little onigiri is inspired by the Japanese sweet called Sakura Mochi. It has a cherry leaf on top of it's head.


YELLOW - This little onigiri is inspired by the Japanese food called Omu-rice (ommelette rice). It has a squirt of tomato ketchup on it's head.


ORANGE - This little one is a Curry-Pilaf onigiri. It's a modern type of onigiri. It also has a peice of seaweed on it's head.